Dan Helgerson is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist (CFPS), Certified Accredited Instructor (CFPAI), and Certified Fluid Power System Designer (CFPSD) with the International Fluid Power Society where he has served on the Board of Directors and chairs the sub-committee on Environmental Stewardship.  He is also the Technical Editor of the Fluid Power Journal which is the official magazine of the International Fluid Power Society. Dan has been involved in Fluid Power, both with Hydraulics and Pneumatics, for over forty years and has worked with Mobile, Marine, and Industrial applications. He has worked with harvesting ocean wave, wind, and heat energy.

Dan provides energy consulting and fluid power training.  He also heads Perissuema Energy, helping to develop energy efficient products and circuits.  You can reach Dan at Dan@DanHelgerson.com.

“I am engaged in the business of encouraging the use of fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics) in ways that are energy efficient and environmentally responsible.”