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Welcome to the Future of Fluid Power

We are Fluid Power Professionals. That means we are professionals at transferring energy. We need to think of ourselves as Energy Professionals specializing in Fluid Power… We need to begin thinking about the entire energy […]

Useful Tools

Useful Tools

The following set of formulas and charts have been formulated to be useful to the fluid power professional. The units provided are those commonly used in our industry and not necessarily the units used in […]


Transforming our Thinking

About: Energy Units We are taught to think of fluid power in terms of flow and pressure; flow is for velocity and pressure is for force.  While this is true at the actuator (the motor […]


Digital Displacement Pumps

There seems to be a lot of excitement about the emerging technology surrounding the Digital Displacement® pumps (DDP) and motors (DDPM) developed and patented in 1994 by Stephen Salter, co-founder of Artemis Intelligent Power. It […]


The Paperweight

Miss Application had a desk near an open window.  When the breeze would blow in from the window, the papers would be blown off her desk and it was very annoying.  She decided to have […]